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About the My Oldboy apk full cracked

My Oldboy apk full: Today we talk about My Oldboy apk full. My Oldboy is a full featured android emulator which is used for the run Game Boy and Game Boy Color games on the broadest range of Android devices.

If your android device facing the same issue to run some game then you can easily solve your problem with the My Oldboy apk.

My Oldboy Android apk is emulating accurately almost every aspect of the real hardware in low-end phones to modern tablets.

My Oldboy apk has the lot of different features like link cable, rumble, and tilt sensor are also supported.

You can also use the custom palette for colorful GB games.

My Oldboy is not used for only emulate the hardware but you can also use it for the save progress at any time and return back to it instantly.

My Oldboy apk has some other unique feature like enabling fast-forward. With the help of the enabling fast-forward, you can skip to the part of the game you are most interested in.


My oldboy apk full

Information about My Oldboy apk full cracked

License: Free
Op System: Android
Requires Android: 2.3 and above
Category: Game Emulation
Language: [English] [Spanish] [Portuguese] [French] [German] [Italian] [Chinese] [Japanese] [Arabic] [Russian] [Indian] [Korean] [Turkish] [Thai]
Publisher: Fast Emulator
Size: 1.38MB
Package Name: com.fastemulator.gbcfree


Feature of the My Oldboy apk full cracked

  • My Oldboy is one of the fastest emulator using ARM assembly code.
  • You can easily get 60 FPS  without frame skips on low-end devices.
  • Awesome game compatibility.
  • Its saves your battery as much as possible.
  • you can also get Link cable emulation either on the same device or across devices
  • You can also get Tilt sensor and rumble emulation through Android’s hardware sensors and vibrator!
  • You get Game Boy Camera and Game Boy Printer emulation.
  • its has Super Game Boy palettes emulation. Enhance monochrome games by bringing more colors!
  • You can get Enter multilined GameShark/GameGenie cheat codes
  • IPS/UPS ROM patching
  • Fast-forward to skip long stories
  • you also get slow down games to get past a level
  • My Oldboy Apk runs as fast as 50x normal speed for Fast forward and slow down.
  • you get OpenGL rendering backend, as well as normal rendering
  • Cool video filters
  • you can Save games at any time with a screenshot.
  • On-screen keypad
  • A very powerful screen layout editor
  • External controllers support
  • Well-designed user interface
  • Seamlessly integrated with the latest Android.
  • Create and switch to different screen-layout
  • You can Create shortcuts to easily launch your favorite games from your desktop.

My oldboy apk full

How to download a guide of My Oldboy apk full

Step .1# Download My Oldboy apk full application from your app store

Step .2# After completion of the downloading process, you need to install My Oldboy apk full.

Step .3# Before start installation processes you need to permission for the installation process if you don’t download an app from the official google play store.

Step.4# start installation process with the click on the install button

step .5# after completion of the installation of My Oldboy apk full device you need to Open it and play.

My oldboy apk full

Video guide to My Oldboy apk full

If you have still any problem then you can see below video tutorial for more details.



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