[ Latest Guide 2019 ] 3 best Ways for Send & Receive iMessages for Android Phone

How to Use iMessage for Android Phone

Hi hello, guys you are here that means you Love to use iMessage for android phone  device.iMessage is very popular in the iDevices.

They give you lots of ingredients to express the vibrant colors of your feelings just like Apple Pay Cash, video calling, audio calling to the latest sensation “Animoji,” etc…

iMessage if the one of the biggest weakness of the Android system and one of the biggest strangest of the Apple devices.

But unfortunately, iMessage is only available for the iDevices. unbelievable security and great features, Many peoples want to use iMessage for  Android phone device.

But If you are the One of the those who is using Android devices and wants to use iMessage then don’t worry we have solutions for you. Here we give you Latest guide about the how to use iMessage for your android devices.

(Note: If you want imessage for windows pc then go here )

So Let’s get started,

  1. Set Up weMessage to Use iMessage on Android

  2. Use “SMS for iMessage” (iChat) Android App

  3. Install the JDK for use iMessage on android 

I After read this guide will solve all your problem for the use iMessage for Your Android Phone.

Lets’ started,

Method – 1. Set Up weMessage to Use iMessage for Android phone

Wemessage is the android application which helps you to chat your friend with the help of the iMessage on your android devices. Wemessage is the third party option which helps us to use iMessage our android devices.

This app supports almost all the features like group chats, easy customization, attachments, read receipts, built-in video player, and web browser, notifications, contact blocking, big emoji message and more.

According to their official wemessage protects your messages with AES encryption.use this app you need Mac with active iMessage account.

Step #1. first, you need to download a wemessage app on your android device from the google play store.

Step #2. Then after you need to download a weserver app on your mac.

Step #3. this weserver app is not available for the Apple’s official Mac App Store, so you need to change your Security & Privacy settings for the install this webserver app on your mac.

Step #4. After installed weserver app on your mac, open it and follow instructions for setting up it.

Step #5. Then after open wemessage application on your Android device. Then sign in using the IP Address, email, and password.when completion of the signed in the process, you are ready for the go it.

Step #6. A webserver is work as medium and converts your Mac into a server for using iMessage on your android devices.

Here basically process like iMessage delivered to your Mac ( server ) and then message forwards to your android phone.

So here weserver is worked as the bridge between a Mac and an Android device.

Wemessage is working by the Apple’s developer tools that will Accessible features that will perform the message sending.

This is the Legitimate messages sending medium because there is o used of any reverse engineering.

“WeMessage works by using Apple’s developer tools that hook into the Messages app, as well as by turning on Accessibility features that will perform the message sending. There was zero reverse engineering involved in the creation of this app, so all messages being sent are legitimate. In addition, I believe this implementation is fair, as you still need to have an Apple device to use iMessage, but it is merely being extended to all devices.” – Roman Scott, the developer

Check out this quick video for additional information:


Note: Here nothing is new for the use iMessage for your Android Phone device with the help of your mac.many apps are using this same concept for the use iMessage app in an android device but they have been blocked by Apple.so we expect to use a Cupertino-based company for use iMessage for Android Phone devices.

Method #2. Use “SMS for iMessage” (iChat) Android App

Here is another method for the use iMessage on your android device. Here is another application is called SMS for iMessage App ichat. It is also available for the free of cost.

With the help of the ichat, you can send up to five messages free per day then after you need to upgrade your plan for the pro version for send unlimited imessage on your android phone.

ichat is work on the route your text messages between your Mac and your Android phone.

first, you need to download the ichat application on your android device. Then after you need to create an account. Then after you need to add your account to the iMessage app.

Most important point of this method is that here you don’t need to install any app on your Mac. So here in this method setup process is very easy.

Method #3 Install the JDK for use iMessage for android phone

Step #1. first, you need to install JDK on your Mac.

you can easily download Java JDK from Oracle.

imessage for android

Step #2. After that, you need to give Terminal accessibility permissions

imessage for android


step #3. After that install weserver in your Mac

You can download Weserver click here.

imessage for android

Step #4. Now create your iMessage account with the Weserver

imessage for android

Step #5. Now install weMessage on your Android phone

imessage for android

Step #6. Then after finding your Mac’s IP Address

There are two ways for the find IP address

Option 1. You can use the private IP address

Option 2. You can also use a public IP address

Step #7. Then after you need to Log into weMessage on Your Android Phone
Step # 8. Then after Sync Your iMessage Contacts with weMessage
Step #9. Then after Start Chatting via iMessage on Android
                                    imessage for android



Now it your turn, I hope your problem regarding the how to Send & Receive iMessages for  Android Phone is solved by reading this post.

If your all doubt is clear then share this post on social media and with your friends so their problem regarding the iMessage for Android phone will be solved.

If you have any questions or suggestion then feel free to comments below.


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