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About PeerBlock for Android 1.03 apk

Hey, today here I come with the awesome useful apk called peerblock. if your smartphone is rooted then you know what you do for the make sure applications aren’t talking to anyone you don’t want them to by downloading and implementing blocking rules.

Today here we talk about the all the details information and guide about the peerblock for android just like details info about the Download peerblock for Android, features of the Download peerblock for android, apk permissions of download peerblock for android, how to download the guide of Download peerblock for android, video guide of download peerblock for android etc..

so let’s get started,

Information about the Download peerblock for android

With the help of peerblock for Android apk.you can control your phone “talk to” on the internet. With the help of the peerblock for android, you can block communication with advertising or spyware oriented servers.

With help of the peerblock for Android, your phone can become the safe when the computers which have been ‘hacked’, even entire countries!

You can just get the list from iblocklist.com with the peerblock for Android. For as this list create a new directory in the root of the sdcard is called ‘PeerBlockLists’.

every time you need to added updated list to your PeerBlockLists.

download PeerBlock for Android


Root is required for XPosed to be installed
Use at your own risk!

WARNING – Plz Read the entire thread before use, as well as comments on play store. 

features of the Download PeerBlock for Android

  • You can block million of hosts
  • You can Add unlimited amount of block lists
  • This will Allow HTTP/HTTPS Traffic when PeerBlock is enabled.
  • This will Block All Traffic
  • You can  also Block DNS – Block DNS Requests

download PeerBlock for Android

permissions for the peerblock for Android

you need WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE permissions for that

download PeerBlock for Android

how to download a guide of Downlolad peerblock for Android

Follow below step for the download and install of the peerblock for Android

Step #1. first, you need to install Xposed Framework

step #2. then install and Download peerblock for Android

Step #3. Create a directory in the sdcard called  “PeerBlockLists”

Step #4. then after go to Xposed Framework Installer and enable “PeerBlock For Android”

Step #5. Then you need to reboot your device

Step #6. Then go to website iblocklist.com

Step #7. Talk after talk any list just ex..http://www.iblocklist.com/list.php?list=bt_ads

Step #8. Then after press update button and download the list

Step #9. Then simply copy and paster.Txt file in the folder PeerBlockLists

Step #10. The go and tick “Block DNS” and “Block ‘Ad’ Keyword in the Hostname”

Step #11. Then after you need to go for the second tab “Block Lists” now hit the “Rebuild cache blocklist”

Step #12. Then after Reboot your device and enjoy


video guide of peerblock for Android

If you have still any issue then you can see below video guide for the peerblock for Android.



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