GBWhatsapp APK Latest version 2.18 | Download(36. MB)

GBWhatsapp APK: It is the most user-friendly messaging application in the current market and you will be really amazed by the latest features provided by the GBWhatsApp. It is updated frequently to make more flexible and provide a best user experience for the users.

Here is the simple text defining the GBWhatsapp. It is a third party app with unlocked (Modded or Modified) features that give people or you to use or access all the features that you don’t expect without any cost.

GBWhatsapp APK Latest version 2.18 | Download(36. MB):

The sweetest and relaxation part is. Basically, you can just download the Application or GBWhatsApp apk from the link we provided and use them as you like. GBWhatsApp apk is the simplified and flexible application that you get on the internet and can use in your daily basis and make customizable as you wish.

The link we provide is the latest version of the GBWhatsapp apk which has all the updates features that you start using after downloading it in your android phone. This GBWhatsapp apk will support all the devices which have more than Android 4.0 and can be used without any interruption.

GBWhatsapp APK Latest version 2.18 | Download

Simplified Way to download GBWhatsapp Apk:

  • Click on the download link provided in the site
  • After downloading the GBWhatsapp apk, click install the app in your phone
  • After installing with the help of the prompt, there is nothing to do except going through the important feature and customizing them according to you.

This is the only smarter way to download and install GBWhatsapp in your phone.  

Let’s get into the key features of the flexible application, GBWhatsapp:

  1. The official Whatsapp allows the user to upload 12 MB of data at a time which was updated to 16 MB recently but GB Whatsapp apk will allow users to upload 50 MB which was updated to 100 MB in the latest update.
  2. The official Whatsapp allows users to have a group name or subject to 25 characters whereas GBWhatsapp allows the user to have 35 characters length, which is huge.

Enough comparing the GBWhatsapp with the Official Whatsapp, certainly will lose.

GBWhatsapp APK Latest version 2.18 | Download

List of features of the latest GBWhatsapp:

  • You can also stalk and save I mean to copy your contact’s status to your clipboard.
  • Users will be allowed to text to six hundred people simultaneously, yes, it is 600.
  • One of the Facebook features that exist in the GBWhatsapp is that you will be able to Auto Reply to any text.
  • You can also upload a status of 7 Minutes, of course, the official WhatsApp is not even near to the number.
  • This is the interesting features which are also provided in the Instagram but not in the Whatsapp is that you can affect your images and videos.
  • Since this is the modified app they have designed in a such that you can forward a message without the forwarding label. Don’t worry, you have DND option as well in the latest application, GBWhatsapp.
  • For teasing you have the option to stay online for 24 hrs, certainly, there will be a drawback for it i.e., your backup (battery) will be dropped.

The original version of Whatsapp is quite secure and is simple to use but that version of the app has lots and lots of restriction which will not be removed due to our safety. The GBWhatsapp version of the software is for those who wanted to try the Whatsapp software with some extra added features.

The GB Whatsapp does not consume much battery or cache memory and this is the reason GB Whatsapp does not make your phone slow. Overall this app is quite good and is very similar to the original version of Whatsapp.

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