[Latest 2019] Free download fake gps pro apk v5.0.2

Free download fake gps pro apk v5.0.2

Download fake gps pro apk v5.0.2 : As we know that GPS are mainly used for finding location. Here in this article we are going to discuss about fake GPS pro APK and how you will be able to download this on your Android device.

In the map and navigation category of the play store fake GPS pro APK is listed. With the help of this fake GPS Pro you will be able to locate everyone content rating.

If your Android device support 14 API and above, then only  you will be able to download fake GPS PRO on your Android device.

If you want to install the original GPS app in your Android device then you can easily download it from play store.

And if you want to download this fake GPS pro APK then click on the link which is given below open it and click on the install button.

The most important thing which you have to keep on your mind at the time of downloading any apk file in your Android device.

Is that you must check before downloading the apk file that APK is a original one or a fake one. Because most of the website provide fake APK, those  APK file content virus which may damage your device.

Features of fake gps location spoofer v4.6 pro apk

1:- you will be we able to disable the mock location as as this fake gps go apk      provides the support of rooting.

2:- the user interface of this application is very user friendly, so you will not find any difficult to operate this application.

3:- Fake GPS application work around the location in the radius.

4:- Interval, speed, altitude, accuracy all this setting can be updated according to our want as well as you can hide the icon from status bar.

5:- You will also be able to save the History.

6:- Android M 6.0 Marshmallow support German translation .

7:- In this new mood you will get too see stop button on status bar.


Permission for the download fake gps pro apk v5.0.2

1:- you need to enable the the internet on your Android device whenever you want to use this app “for displaying the map view”.

2:- Under the Developer settings you need to allow the mock location.

3:- You need to Access Coarse and Fine Location for the purpose of captured of current location.


How to download Fake gps pro apk

You can download the original GPS app from the Google play store. But if you want to install the fake GPS group Pro APK file then:-

1:- click on the the link which is given below then click on the install button.

2:- before that you must uninstall the original file of GPS if we have installed before it from Google play store.

3:- now enable the unknown file source option to alo fake GPS pro APK to download.

4:- if your phone support 14 API or above then only  this file will install in your Android device.

5:- once it install then enjoy.

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